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Bleary Releases First Trap Track “Fuck Journal” Tue., Apr. 7 In Response To Getting Ripped Off By Beatmaker

“Fuck Journal” Available Apr. 7 On All Platforms

(Portland, OR) April 7th, 2021 — Bleary releases first trap track, “Fuck Journal”

What does an artist do when a beat maker takes their money but won’t send the tracks? It’s not like there’s a business affairs department that would care about such a thing (more on why the government cares more about taking rights away than protecting them in later tracks.) So Bleary did the only thing he could do, write a song about it.

“Normally I would just say ‘whatever’ and move on” said Bleary, “but I was freestyling one day, liked what came out, and figured it was an opportunity to make a point. Look, if everyone was chill—didn’t steal from each other, wasn’t always thinking of how they could become better than their peers, think of the entire industries we wouldn’t need: locks, alarms, lawyers, virus protection, escrow… the list goes on forever. Government itself would be unnecessary and the entire world would make Dubai look like a shit-hole. It’s the little things, the scammers, the assholes, that ruin everything. With how shitty the world is, everyone’s goal should be to help. But if you can’t do that, at least cause no harm. If you can’t even do that, you make your entire life actually LESS than worthless.”

“Fuck Journal,” at just over 1 minute long, is a single-verse freestyle on what was never a beat at all, but a sample pack. It marks the beginning of his trap project, which was preceded by an emo album centered around a breakup.

Regarding the projects currently in the works, Bleary said “you can expect to see a lot of weird shit. I come from EDM and that’s what I’ve done vocals on more than anything. And that’s trap, some dubstep, even house. I know it sounds crazy but just trust me; it’ll make sense. There are actually a bunch of tracks coming out with OZZIE BEATS from meeting him at a show years back. Though it’s my first release, the emo direction was actually a side-track creatively and I probably won’t have another full release in the vein for another year.”

“Fuck Journal” is available now on all major platforms. Visit Bleary’s website and Instagram page for more upcoming projects.

About Bleary 

Bleary has been passionate about Creating his own music for years. Recently surviving a hard reset to the head motivated him to think about his path. This made him transition full-time to pursuing his passion of music. Bleary’s first project received over 50k streams across platforms and is to be followed by 1 single per month for the foreseeable future.

Visit Bleary’s website for more upcoming projects.