Bleary Music


I am a Portland artist who began releasing work in Nov of ’20. My first project, primarily in the emo vein, received over 60k streams across platforms. I have been maintaining a 1-single-per-month schedule, focusing on west coast hip-hop and trap. All my songs are freestyles which are touched up to various degrees (from none to re-worded and recorded), but this collection of songs marks the end of the former.

In an effort to preserve flow, I have traditionally taken a minimal-edit, flow-first approach which has sacrificed meaning for style. But over time I’ve realized that style is not my strength (a down-side of my whiteness, no doubt) so I have begun taking the opposite approach. The work to come is much more meaning-dense, which has given this last collection of tracks the Final Freestyles.


Thank Yous & Placements


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“A rare, truly captivating example of modern hip-hop done just right”
– Broken 8 Records

“Bleary combines various compositional elements to form his unique sound”
– Woke Chimp

“Mood music for the introspective thinker”
– Navarre’s Lounge

“Diverse mix of genres, dripping in reverb and a sluggish yet unquestionably smooth”
– SMC Entertainment

“Fantastic musical arrangement in this track and sleek production”
– Curious For Music

“Distinct and alternative style” – Electro Wow

“Authentic hip hop that features the rhythmic and lyrical fruitfulness of the golden age”
– Daily Music Roll