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Bleary To Release Un-Valentine’s EP “Bad Days” On Feb. 14 Following 3-Part Breakup Series

“Bad Days” EP Available Feb. 14th On All Platforms

(Portland, OR) February 14th, 2021 — Bleary releases the Un-Valentine’s Day EP, “Bad Days.

Created by and for bad days, Bleary’s upcoming EP was preceded by a three-part love-lost series. Starting with the breakup itself, the series ended with “Weeknight”, about the healing of time, the importance of friends, of and the “relentless monotony” of existence. The three singles spanned genres from Alt-Rock & Funk to Rap & RnB and were tied together by videos, the final to be released late February.

Written by a true introvert, “Bad Days” is about more than relationships and features an ever wider breadth of genres. With the exception of the first three singles, “Bad Days” largely contains unconventional instrumentals, with unconventional genre blends, and varying structure. “Following the ABAB structure was never my thing,” said Bleary, “I always hated music theory, and the approach that academia takes to music in general, to be honest. “Music” created by theory and mathematics yields the kind of art you can study like at a museum and say “that’s nice”, but real music that moves you is a product of the soul, and you can’t study the soul.”

“Bad Days” is about loss, self-doubt, hopelessness, and death… but it isn’t sad; it’s calming. “Anyone who looks at life and is honest with themselves knows it sucks here,” said Bleary, “and pretending that it doesn’t isn’t healthy. Maturity is being able to deal with things as they are, not pretending they’re something else. The truth is, life presents you with a spectrum of pain and joy, but even the greatest heights are tainted, either by situational flaws or knowing they’ll slip faster through your fingers the tighter you grasp them. I don’t want to get too spiritual or anything, but looking at status, adventure, or anything here for your happiness is true sadness, and that’s where suicides and the cringy side of the emo genre come in – people looking at things or others for meaning then getting that sudden realization and panicking. The truth is, it is what it is and it’s only temporary. Our lives aren’t our own and we have jobs to do. From the name to my visuals I’m trying to portray the effect of moving along, or staying in motion, because that’s what we are – travellers.”

Regarding the projects currently in the works, Bleary said “you can expect to see a lot of weird shit. I come from a EDM and that’s what I’ve rapped on more than anything. And that’s trap, some dubstep, even house. I know it sounds crazy but just trust me; it’ll make sense. There are actually a bunch of tracks coming out with OZZIE BEATS from meeting him at a show years back. Though it’s my first release the emo direction was actually a side-track creatively and I probably won’t have another full release in the vein for another year.”

The “Sever” series, part 1, 2, and 3 are  available now on all major platforms and the “Bad Days” EP will be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Visit Bleary’s website and Instagram page for more upcoming projects.

About Bleary 

Bleary has been passionate about Creating his own music for years. Recently surviving a hard reset to the head motivated him to think about his path. This made him transition full-time pursuing his passion of doing music. With Bleary’s compelling storytelling through opening up in music, he wants to share with his audience and new listeners that hardships in life are inevitable and temporary.

“Peace” is available now on Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud. Visit Bleary’s website for more upcoming projects.